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E-shop - we are currently chaning the method of producing reproductions


We are currently using new technologies for reproduction of images.

We have brought the reproduction even nearer to the master's original. The colors are excellent and everything has a really realistic effect.

We believe that you will be excited and satisfied.

Libor Vojkůvka Team


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Preparing the new pages.



Premiere: 31. 12. 2011 21:40 on ČT1

Guests in Všechnopárty's episode: Karel Gott - František Ringo Čech - Libor Vojkůvka Streaming here.


Czech radio

21. 7. 2014

Interview with Czech Radio presenter Dagmar Mísařová on the show Appetite. Listen to the complete interview here.



Look for a gift for yourself? For your loved ones? This is the chance. Limited Edition products signed by hand, in great scale to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding.


I wish to bring so much joy to the new owners fo these art pieces. Libor Vojkůvkapodpis